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Superhero Community Banking: How To Use Our Lightsabers

Today, we’ll talk about how to use those 5 Constant Factors (Culture, the Economy, the Market, Leadership, and Operations) to find our starting place…find where we need to start off the adventure in becoming a superhero banker!

1) Between you and your competitors (whomever they might be), who has the stronger culture?

2) Which has the strongest executive leadership?

3) Who has the advantages with the Macro-economy and Market conditions?

4) Who has the better internal communication?

5) Which is the stronger bank or company?

6) Who are you really up against?

7) Which bank is the more “go-getter”?

Next week, we’ll wrap up Chapter 1. We won’t take as much time in each chapter as we did with Chapter 1. There is just SO MUCH good stuff in here for community bankers to learn and implement and it forms the foundation for successful strategy. Also, don’t forget to email me at or hit me up on social media. I’d love to hear from more of you about how you’re liking the series and if you are beginning to implement these in your bank strategy or in your own professional development.


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