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Session 1

The Future

Banking is changing at a rapid pace. Most banks today are looking toward their future and making decision on how to position their banks for the future. In order to do this we must first understand the future and how it will affect future growth and sales opportunities.
Session 2

Key Components of a Sales Culture

When implementing a sales/growth culture it is crucial to avoid treating it as a “program” and come to understand it is an integral part of “who” you are as a company. This session will address the key components of a sales culture. Where to get started and what are the traps to avoid.
Session 3


Building a plan to implement your sales culture is step one to implementation, but it takes additional effort to implement the culture and make sure it “sticks.” This session will address the process of implementation that will help your company achieve success.
Session 4


Proper compensation of your team will give you the opportunity to attract and retain the best team members. Building a compliant, trackable incentive in today’s environment can be a challenge. This session will walk you through how to incent your team, protect the bank and keep regulators happy while making sure your shareholders are rewarded through increased value.


Jay Toups

Jay has a 30+ year proven track record of success in developing strong client driven sales cultures particularly in community banks with a strong relationship and community focus. Having started his career at a small savings and loan in Louisiana, he broadened his experience by serving in a variety of capacities at financial institutions including Dixie Savings and Loan, First Commerce Corporation, Bank One, and Hibernia National Bank. He is currently the Principal at Retail Management Resources, Inc. and serves on the faculty of Western States Banking School and with us here at the Barret Graduate School of Banking.


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