Barret School of Banking

Spring 2022

Understanding Bank Profitability

This on-demand event is designed to provide an overview of the key factors that drive bank profitability and to promote a better understanding of financial statements and key financial ratios.

Our Bank Profitability class has been rebuilt to add fresh perspectives to learning what drives profitability in your bank.  Banks must always continue to remain flexible and adapt to the changing environment in which we find ourselves.  This virtual program will teach bankers new ways of thinking of your bank’s financial performance and the culture that ties it all together.


  • Branch and department managers
  • Recently hired outside directors
  • Emerging leaders within the bank


  • “The Language of Banking”– terms and ratios bankers use in managing the financial performance of the bank
  • Peer group financial analysis utilizing the UBPR.  Ratios discussed include the Efficiency Ratio, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, and Net Interest Margin
  • Improving profitability through competitive advantage strategies and differentiation
  • Best practices across the industry in improving profitability
  • Remaining flexible and adaptive in order to remain competitive
  • The role of culture in driving excellent financial performance

A highly interactive seminar allowing the participant to use their bank’s balance sheet and income statement to calculate various financial ratios and to show how changes in various line items impact key ratios, the culture, and overall bank profitability.

The registration fee is $425



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