Barret School of Banking

April 7-8, 2021

Understanding Bank Profitability

This virtual event is designed to provide an overview of the key factors that drive bank profitability and to promote a better understanding of financial statements and key financial ratios.


Specialized lenders; IT, HR, Compliance, Branch, and Marketing personnel; other specialists, bank officers, or new Board Directors who may have a limited knowledge or perspective of what affects overall bank performance. Attendees will learn to assess the performance of their banks in the areas of income, expense, and profitability management. This information will help them comprehend the interaction between various functional areas and understand how their specific areas contribute to overall bank success.

Enrollment will be limited to ensure greater interaction with the instructor and peers. Seven hours of instruction are scheduled on day one, and three and one-half hours (morning) on day two. Continuing education credit is available.


  • Interest rate risk and asset liability management (ALCO)
  • Competitive positioning and peer bank performance reviews
  • Bank balance sheet, income, and expense statement reviews
  • Key ratio analysis (how ratios are calculated and what they measure)
  • Key ratio discussions include: profit margin, asset utilization, leverage, yield, cost of funds, spread, net interest margin, efficiency, return on assets, return on equity, loan loss reserves
  • Improving profitability through competitive advantage strategies and different iation (Day 2)

A highly interactive seminar allowing the participant to use their bank’s balance sheet and income statement to calculate various financial ratios and to show how changes in various line items impact key ratios and overall bank profitability.

The registration fee is $475



Rex Bennett, PhD

Faculty member at Barret Graduate School of Banking

The program is facilitated by Rex Bennett, PhD., Professor Emeritus, University of San Francisco and faculty member at Barret Graduate School of Banking, Stonier Graduate School of Banking, Graduate School of Banking at LSU, Southwestern Graduate School of Banking, Graduate School of Banking at Wisconsin, and Graduate School of Banking at Colorado.

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