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Barret Alumni Quarterly Roundtable

The Barret Alumni Roundtable is designed to be the essential virtual/live learning experience for community bankers. For $95 per year, the entire bank (including directors) has access to these live sessions as well as the on-demand recordings. The subjects covered are Compliance, Marketing, Ag Lending, Employee Engagement, and Commercial Lending. Every quarter. 20+ sessions per year. Learn from the best…hear from other community bankers…develop yourself, grow your bank, and improve your community with the Barret Alumni Roundtable.

Lending Roundtable


Marketing roundtable


Ag lending

Institution-Wide Subscription

For institutions with a Barret alum or regent

$95/year for institutions with a Barret alum

$195/year for institutions without a Barret alum or regent

On-demand access to previous Roudtable sessions through the Advanced Learning Platform (ALP)
All proceeds go to Barret Alumni Association
Learn best practices from bankers and subject matter experts from across the country


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