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Fundamentals of Banking

This high-impact interactive webinar series will cover the basics of community banking over the course of eight webinars.

What you will learn

Designed to shorten the learning curve for new bankers, act as a refresher for even the most seasoned of bankers, support the individual bank’s own policies and procedures, and show participants their role within the local community from a banking perspective.


Trainers, HR representatives, corporate executives interested in implementing new onboarding/reboarding procedures.

Discover the basics of community banking

Webinar price: $195



Byron Earnheart

Byron Earnheart is the Programming Director at the Barret School of Banking. He has nearly 20 years in the banking/financial services industry. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Tennessee, MBA from Christian Brothers, and summa cum laude graduate from Barret School of Banking.


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