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May 18-23, 2025

Barret Graduate School

Our three year graduate program. Annual one-week residency session.

Admission to the Barret School of Banking is open to bank employees, bank regulatory agency employees, and employees of businesses allied to the financial services industry, such as attorneys, accountants, and related professionals.

Why Choose Barret?

Fees: $1,995/session • $310 for on-campus housing not included


40 hours classroom instruction per year

Decades of experience

Tuition Subsidies

Applications are subject to review and approval of the Admissions Committee. Prior to being granted admission, you must submit the following to us:

1) A completed registration form
2) A letter of recommendation from the CEO or a senior officer of the organization that is sponsoring the student. 

Please email this info to us or mail to us at Barret School of Banking, 650 East Parkway South, Memphis, TN 38104.


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