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Pecan Pie, Social Content, And Community Banking

If there’s anything we like more than banking around here…it’s good food. Recently, I came across Hometown Bank of Alabama’s website and, more particularly, their blog. It is definitely worth checking out. In addition to very timely and well designed financial information for customers (funding staycations, questions to ask when getting married, etc.) they have incorporated recipes from their employees and even highlighted their “kitchen” in video content. It’s really cool stuff.

It is a master class in targeted content marketing and providing a space for community around the bank. But even more than that…I think it’s a great example of a bank being a part of a community that they know so very well.

Check out their website at and their blog at . I would like to give a special nod to Rose’s Pecan Pie as it is the closest recipe I have found to my grandmother’s pecan pie…and there is no higher compliment a southerner can bestow upon food!!!

You’ll also want to check out their YouTube channel for more long form videos.

Finally, many thanks to ICBA Securities for their sponsorship. Be sure to check them out at

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