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Core Conversions Across Generations: Is It Possible? Chat with Siobhan Byron from Finastra

I’m always been fascinated with how banks manage through core conversions. Having lived through 2 myself…I get the frustrations. I’ve LIVED the frustrations!

However, there’s a good bit of talk around the differing communication requirements needed for each generation…and today’s workforce has 4 generations intermingled together. All with different communication needs…all with different points of views…and if we were to throw a core conversion on top of that?!?!?!

Siobhan Byron is EVP of Universal Banking at Finastra and she has seen the good, the bad, and ugly in this area over the years. She made some great points in our conversation that speak directly to the core conversion but, really, apply to so. much. more. in banking regarding ANY big decision we make.

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