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Compliance As A Marketing Tool

We’ve all dealt with it. KYC…Know Your Customer. I am definitely not downplaying it’s role in compliance and the safety of the bank, but let’s be honest…we believe we already “know our customers”, right?

Let’s set aside how we really don’t know every single one of our customers and the implications there around money-laundering and the like and ask a different question…what about in new markets? Do you know Joe the grocer or Bill the plumber or Susie the lawyer there?

Jamie Ramirez is the CEO of Preventor, a next-gen ID verification and financial crime risk management firm. In talking with him leading into the show, he talked about this idea of KYC expanding into new markets. I’d never considered that before. If I’m being honest…KYC was something I made sure our CSR’s were doing, I’d tow the company line because I understood why (although it was a pain), and the loan ops department would occasionally have to remind me to get ID’s on customers. But approaching KYC as a crucial part of the marketing strategy?! Never thought of that…so, we talked about that in today’s podcast.

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