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ChatGPT Takes Over the Podcast part 1

So, I decided to unleash Skynet and have AI write a podcast script. Here’s the prompt I used to generate the script entirely as it is presented in the show: “Write a 2000 word podcast script about the importance of community banks emphasizing the benefits banks provide to low to moderate income communities. Begin the podcast with “Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Main Street Banking podcast” and end the podcast with a disclaimer that this has been written by AI. The target audience is bankers in these communities.” 30 seconds later I had the script you hear on this episode.

Now…was it good? Was it bad? Did it sound like a normal MSB podcast? That’s what we’ll talk about next week on the show as well as on the show’s LinkedIn page during the next several days. Whether we like it or not…scared of it or not…embrace it or not…this tech is here and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. So, let’s talk about it.

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