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Benefits And Work Life Tension: Brad Federman with PerformancePoint LLC

If you’ve attended the Barret Graduate School of Banking (and you really should!), you will have had Brad Federman with PerformancePoint LLC. A member of the Forbes Coaches Council and featured speaker/author all over the country, Brad is a true thought leader (and I don’t use that term everyday) in the realm of HR issues, emotional intelligence, culture, and employee engagement.

Recently, he wrote an article HR Professionals Magazine about Using Benefits to Trim Work Life Tension. The article is linked below and (after you listen to the episode!) you need to read this article. He has talks about some very harsh truths in the workforce today and has some very cool ideas that banks can use to remedy this tension. It’s great stuff…and can, literally, change the way your employees feel and therefore perform.

Here’s the article that you need to read:…fe-tension/

Find out more about PerformancePoint at

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