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Banking: Good Enough For Everyone…a conversation with Miguel Lopez from Encore Bank

DEI…ESG…just two more abbreviations in the alphabet soup of banking? Hardly.

Recently, Miguel Lopez was highlighted on the ICBA’s blog for his efforts in reaching out to the underserved Hispanic market in Encore Bank’s ever-expanding footprint. I asked him to come on and talk about the article and relay some insights to the community banking industry at large.

What followed was, in my opinion, one of the most impactful conversations we’ve had on the podcast. It is a very open and honest conversation around diversity and inclusion in the community banking industry and Miguel’s own experiences as a member of the Hispanic community.

The most impactful statement (and the origin of the episode’s title) was “Banking is either good enough for everyone…or it’s not good enough for anyone”. I challenge our listeners to think about that statement…and regardless of your politics…think about what that could mean to your employees and your communities that you serve.

You can read his article here.

If you’d like to talk to Miguel more, email him at

And many thanks to our sponsor, ICBA Securities,


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