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Arkansas State Banking Students Ask The Right (and VERY Tough) Questions

I am a strong believer in the teaching of banking principles in academia. That’s a soapbox for another day…but I had crazy idea earlier in the semester that I wanted to try. Dr. David Kern, a long time member of our faculty, also teaches Advanced Banking 1 and 2 at Arkansas State University. At the beginning of the semester, I asked him if, at the end of the semester, we could get his students on the podcast and fire questions at us about the banking industry. In addition, let’s pick their brains about what they see from their perspective.

What turned out was, in my opinion, a fascinating look at our industry from the banking leaders of tomorrow.

To the students who participated…thank you! Best of luck to you as you start this exciting time in your life and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you in your banking adventure!

Thank you to our sponsor, ICBA Securities, for their support…even when we do something “off the beaten path” like this! Check them out at


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