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Another Greatest Hit…”Mission Driven Innovation” with Charles Potts from ICBA

Due to a unavoidable scheduling situation, we aren’t able to bring you the episode we had planned…but no worries…we’re bringing out another “Greatest Hit”…”Mission Driven Innovation” with Charles Potts from the ICBA.

Charles Potts is the SVP and Chief Innovation Officer for the Independent Community Bankers of America. “Innovation” and “community bankers” don’t often go together you might say…but…Charles (and Barret frankly) say otherwise.

Charles lays out his vision for the ICBA’s role in bringing innovation to the community banking space and shares how they’ve already been doing that. There really is no excuse for community banks to lag in this area any more thanks to the ICBA and the ThinkTECH accelerator which you’ve heard some about on this podcast in the past.

To find out more about the ThinkTECH accelerator, check out

As always, check out our sponsor, ICBA Securities, at


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