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Lending Issues

Strategic Loan Pricing

Richard Hamm is a long time Barret faculty member and one of the most sought after teachers of lending in the industry.  His information for our Barret Roundtable on strategic loan pricing has been one of his most requested topics.  How can we rethink our pricing models in light of the competition we face?

Lending Issues





Byron Earnheart is the Programming Director for the Barret School of Banking in Memphis, TN and the host of the “Main Street Banking” podcast…the only podcast solely devoted to community banks. He has over 15 years experience in the financial services industry; 11 of which have been in banking in various roles from teller work to branch management. He spends his time playing guitar and singing in Delta Heart (the “house band of the Mississippi Delta”), writing music, cooking, reading, and enduring the University of Tennessee Volunteers athletic seasons. He is married to his wife Kelly of 11 years and has two children, John Aubrey (11) and Mary Laura (7). If you'd like to hear Byron's music, check him out on Spotify:
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