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New NCAA Regulations Around NIL Opens HUGE Possibilities…Scott McComb with Heartland Bank

We’re pretty big college sports fans around Barret and it’s the high holy time of year in the South we know as “college football”! The NCAA (governing body of college athletics) has relaxed their NIL (name, image, and likeness) rules for student-athletes. We’re seeing HUGE deals for college athletes to endorse things like cars, sports drinks, etc.

But, what if a bank leveraged this new opportunity to promote the community banking industry, the benefits of having a relationship with your local bank, and the BankOn initiative for financial literacy? It benefits everyone and makes the world a slightly better place.

Scott McComb, with Heartland Bank in central Ohio, did just that recently in landing several endorsements from local Ohio State Buckeyes. It’s a very fascinating study in how community banks can leverage new opportunities to improve their communities around them as well as promote the benefits of the industry as a whole.

They also have a PODCAST!!! And it is a really good one. Check that out here

To learn more about Heartland Bank (and you need to…this is a really forward-thinking bank) go to:

Finally, thank you to our sponsor, ICBA Securities, for their continued support. Be sure to check them out here.


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